Dino – The app to create your instant extensions

Dino is an app which can help consultants to design certain features in an easy way (NAV) which are no longer possible in the modern client. Like the ability to add a simple field to a page

The Dino App will allow consultants to create simple apps that can be installed in customer environments.

This first version of the Dino App will give consultants the possibility to add one or more fields to a table, using a simple wizard.
As such, Dino App will be a similar tool as the page designer functionality in Business Central.

For the use of the app idyn will charge a one-time payment. This will be collected with our PayPal app.
When installed you can start creating you own apps. Please note that you will be charged for each extension your create and publish.

Labels are key words that you can add to pages and attachments to make them easier to group and find. For example, you could add the recruiting label to all pages related to finding and hiring new talent. That would allow you to easily see, display, and search for related pages.

Anyone with permission to edit a page can add labels to it. You can add labels to a page while youre editing it or after its published, when your viewing the page.



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